Ohio Jiu- Jitsu Open
September 16th


Brook Park Recreation Center
17400 Holland Rd,
Brook Park, Ohio 44142

We always look forward to returning to Cleveland, Ohio, as this region has been host to some of the Largest AGC competitions ever held

The Ohio Jiu-Jitsu Open will also serve as a Qualifier for the ORIGIN Absolute Division that will take place at the 2017 Ohio State Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Columbus!!! 

Saturday, September 16th

* Weigh-in starts at 9am

Brook Park Recreation Center
17400 Holland Rd, 
Brook Park, Ohio 44142


Adult Registration (One Division)

Adult Registration (Both Divisions)


Youth Registration (One Division)

Youth Registration (Both Divisions)

*All registrations go up $10 after August 26th*


* Both ADULT & YOUTH Division are ROUND ROBIN… meaning you will get MULTIPLE MATCHES per each division you enter!

* Youth Competitors MUST REGISTER ONLINE by September 12th!

CLICK HERE to Register Now!!